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Arranging a cremation

Ceremony Rooms

There are two ceremony rooms available for funeral services at Rainsbrook Crematorium. The Avon Room and the Drayton Room.

Arranging a cremation

When a cremation is required a Funeral Director will normally be instructed to make the necessary arrangements as they have the experience and facilities to assist you with your requirements.

They will guide and help you to arrange the type of funeral you require for your loved one and have the statutory documentation required for a cremation service to take place at Rainsbrook Crematorium.

Self-arranged cremations (DIY funerals)

Occasionally, families may choose to make their own arrangements for the funeral of a loved one, without the use of a Funeral Director. This is possible and we will be happy to assist you.

However, please be aware that we are not a funeral directing service and cannot collect the deceased, provide coffins or refrigeration facilities.

Funeral service

All types of services, religious or civil, may be held in the Avon or Drayton multi-denominational ceremony rooms at Rainsbrook Crematorium. 

The whole service can take place at the crematorium if you wish, or a shorter committal service may be held following the main service elsewhere. A funeral service, religious or civil, is not obligatory and a cremation may be arranged without a service if you prefer.

Bereavement Services staff are on hand to assist you if you have any last minute questions at the time of the service and to ensure that the service runs smoothly.

Hymns and Music

Both the Avon and Drayton ceremony rooms are equipped with classical organs and the services of an organist are provided at no extra charge. The use of the organist is particularly recommended when hymns are to be sung during the service.

The two ceremony rooms are also equipped with the Vivedia music reproduction system, which has an extensive collection of over 100,000 pieces of music to choose from. This system can be used to provide music when use of the organ is not required. It is also possible to play a choral track alongside the live organ music. This may help to fill the room with sound when there is to be a smaller congregation.

If a piece of music is not on the database it can be requested by your Funeral Director from Vivedia, who can nearly always make it available for your service.

All music must be provided through the Vivedia system and we cannot accept CDs or music stored on memory sticks at the crematorium. If sufficient notice is given, Vivedia can often upload audio tracks in mp3 format which will then be available during the funeral service.

Any requests for music not already stored in the database should be made to your Funeral Director in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.


The applicant for the cremation can request a webcast of the service. A webcast is a live broadcast of a service streamed on the internet via the Obitus website.

The service can only be viewed by those who have been issued with a username and password prior to the service. After the service, and after a period of around 48 hours, the broadcast will be available to view for up to 30 days.

The webcast will allow family and friends who are unable to attend the funeral to view the service from anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

This facility is only available for services held in the Avon ceremony room.

DVD/CD recordings

Funeral services can be recorded on to a DVD (audio-visual) or CD (audio) disc. The recording must be ordered in advance. If insufficient copies are ordered, further copies can be provided later.

Once we have received the disc from Vivedia it will be checked and posted on to you by recorded delivery. Please note the quality of visual and sound recording is similar to that of a webcast.

This facility is only available for services held in the Avon ceremony room.


Each ceremony room has a wall-mounted television screen which can be used to display photographs, etc that are stored on a USB memory stick.

To avoid disappointment, the memory stick should be delivered to the crematorium as soon as possible and at least 48 hours prior to the service so that it can be checked for compatibility with the equipment. Photographs or a Powerpoint display are generally suitable.

Committal of the coffin

The coffin nameplate is checked by a member of staff on arrival at the crematorium, and again before it is placed into the cremator.  Great care is taken to ensure the correct identity of the deceased person is maintained throughout the entire process until the final disposal of the cremated remains.

Towards the end of the service the curtains or voile can be closed around the coffin or, if you prefer, the curtains can be left open with the coffin remaining in full view throughout the entire service and until the congregation have left the room. 

Following the service the family may wish to witness the coffin being committed into the cremator. We have a viewing window in the Avon ceremony room which overlooks the crematory. This window is normally obscured, but can be uncovered to allow family members to view the final committal. This is only permitted with the consent of the applicant for cremation and it is essential the crematorium is advised in advance so the necessary arrangements can be made.

Cremation procedure

The cremation is carried out in accordance with the Guiding Principles of Cremation issued by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management and the Code of Cremation Practice issued by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities.

Floral tributes

Each ceremony room has a separate floral court where floral tributes can be displayed following the funeral service. Families can remove the tributes after the service or leave them on display at the crematorium.

Tributes left at the crematorium will be removed and disposed of after seven days. Please note that unfortunately the crematorium cannot take responsibility for floral tributes left at the crematorium before, during or after the service.

Cremated remains

Following the cremation, the ashes of a loved one can be scattered in our Gardens of Remembrance, interred in one of our cemeteries or collected from the crematorium to be interred or scattered elsewhere.

It is not necessary to make an immediate decision in this respect and the ashes can be held at the crematorium for a period of time until a decision has been made.